Google to Organize Your Energy Info


Google’s got its hands all over the world’s information — search terms, email, IM, book content — but now the search engine giant wants to organize your personal energy data, too. Google said today that it’s developing software and online tools for smart meters that will display energy consumption info in the iGoogle home page. The company certainly has plenty of experience managing information. And as Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt indicated last year, energy info could be one of the only green areas in which Google actually generates revenues. Smart meter companies, look out — Google’s moving in.



Here’s the deal:

1. I diligently enter my energy usage
2. Google shows me a pretty graph and gives me vague suggestions
3. Google can apply analytics based on my energy usage and figure out:
— Whether I work from home or not
— Extrapolate what kind of electronic devices I use
— etc.
4. Then open up my home for Google AdSense
5. Make me spend more with targeted advertising

Sorry… I lost faith in their “Do no Evil” motto when I saw Eric Schmidt rubbing shoulders with Barney Frank on the Stephanpolous show… he is now no different than the Cheney cronies…


Soon – Google SpermCount. Using sensors in your office furniture it will calculate total number, average age and motility for your little angels. Zuckerberg’s probably trying now to make this data part of Beacon.


Organize general data for search, I get. Tracking “power consumption” info smells a bit Orwellian. I wonder if they plan to approach municipalities to help them “manage” consumption. Will their next dive be to track “food consumption”? How does all this get monetized? Government is one option.

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