Flixor Patents Your Face (Inside of Videos)

Flixor, a four-year-old startup that enables the insertion of a 3-D version of a digital photo of face in a video, has received a patent for its technology.

Hollywood-based Flixor has no customers yet, but CEO Blake Senftner said the company is in advanced negotiations with a television network to offer paid digital merchandise, which would see fans insert their faces into clips of their favorite show. The Flixor system is pretty neat because unlike in ElfYourself-type videos, where inserted faces are static, Flixor effectively wraps a 3-D version of the face around the head it’s replacing. The result is a somewhat eery, animated lookalike.

Senftner also said he believes companies such as JibJab and Kideo are infringing on the patent, but he doesn’t have the financial resources to enforce it.

Senftner isn’t an intellectual property fiend, he just wants to use his technology. Flixor has four founders as well as a dozen contractors, and has been self-funded by Senftner, who is running out of savings. “We’re at a point now where the technology is fully developed and ready to go into the marketplace,” he said today. “I think it would be a real shame if what we have never gets out in public, because it’s fun.”

If you want to try out the Flixor technology to insert yourself into a Christina Aguilera video, go to http://rnd.flixor.com/, click on “I Agree,” and offer these credentials: access code: mobilityPR_2; password: LennonLives. This will only work for 10 people.


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