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eReader for iPhone grows up to version 2.0

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eReader 2.0 bookshelf
eReader 2.0 bookshelf

I was excited today to hear about the next version of eReader for the iPhone (s aapl), and for good reason.  Long my favorite ebook reading solution, I couldn’t think of any feature it was missing.  This new version shows how good it is that the eReader folks are still thinking ahead because they’ve added functionality that makes the reader even better.

Version 2.0 enhancements (according to eReader):

  • color themes (day and night time)
  • Book cover art
  • user defined book categories
  • indicator to let you know what books are already on your device
  • percentage read indicator in the bookshelf
  • additional fonts
  • margin options
  • line spacing options
  • larger tap targets for links
  • auto-scroll

I’ve been using the new eReader all day and I love the auto-scroll feature.  It makes reading so easy and it’s totally configurable to suit your reading speed.  Just start auto-scrolling and then tap and hold on the screen.  Speeding up or slowing down the scrolling is then as easy as sliding up or down on the resultant icon that appears.  I also find the percentage read indicator very useful as it allows you to easily tell if you’ve read a particular book or how much of it you’ve read.  This is handy when you have as many books in your bookshelf, as I do.

4 Responses to “eReader for iPhone grows up to version 2.0”

  1. D Baddorf

    “find it a bit hard on the eyes for prolonged periods.”

    And THAT is why I will very much enjoy the eReader upgrade, but have a Kindle too. For prolonged reading the Kindle helps me avoid headaches and eye strain. For the grocery line, or in traffic — the iphone is great! Both serve me, for different purposes.

  2. James out of curiosity what setting do you use on your iphone – can you do a screenshot?

    I also use the iphone ereader but find it a bit hard on the eyes for prolonged periods.


  3. I agree about this being a great update. If I even think for a moment that I might like a Kindle, I say to myself – “what for?” At any given time I have between 15-20 ebooks on my phone and find it such a pleasure to read a few pages here and there.

    This is a really nice update.