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Another Big Solar Deal in the Works for SCE

Update: It’s a massive 1.3 GW deal with solar startup BrightSource — read about it in our updated post.

Southern California Edison plans to announce what it’s calling “the world’s largest solar deal” tomorrow morning, but details are scarce. There are a couple of ways this could go. SCE could be announcing an update for one of its previously announced solar deals, like the Stirling Energy Systems solar farm, which SCE called the “world’s largest solar facility” back in 2005. Or the utility could be announcing a new deal with a solar contractor for either solar thermal or PV. Any guesses?


The Stirling deal is for the planned 850-megawatt Solar One project in the Mojave Desert, which uses solar thermal and stirling engine technology. SCE, part of Edison International (s EIX), signed another solar thermal contract last June, but it doesn’t qualify as anything close to “world’s largest” — it’s a deal to get power from a 245-MW solar thermal plant to be built by eSolar.

Both of those projects are still going through the approval process with state regulators, so perhaps tomorrow’s announcement will be a surprise third candidate, also vying for that coveted “world’s largest” moniker. We’ll bring you the full story bright and early, so be sure to tune in.

2 Responses to “Another Big Solar Deal in the Works for SCE”

  1. With current solar technology, there is no doubt that huge solar projects, in desert areas around the world are the most effective way to generate electricity from the sun.
    The problem, it seems, lies not on the generating part (solar energy systems) but on the consuming end – electrical appliances. President Obama already noticed that and plans to tackle that issue with efficiency regulations.
    My take on this is different – we need to make appliances use solar energy directly. Take new solar farm mentioned in this post – solar energy is converted to heat, heat converted to steam, steam to mechanical energy, then to electricity (through a turbine). So many energy transformations…
    The solution is solar appliances, using photons directly from the sun, no energy conventions, almost 100% efficiency.
    To read more on solar appliances: