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Recession Will Accelerate Shift To Online Advertising: Analysts

Online advertising spend growth will keep slowing, but the recession will accelerate the shift from print and TV to online in western Europe, according to new figures from Forrester Research. As we reported last week, Forrester predicts online ad spend will grow by 10 percent this year, but the full report puts the annual growth rate at nine percent until 2013 — a downward revision from Forrester’s earlier prediction of 13 per cent annually until 2012. But the report says the recession could have a positive impact on digital revenues: “Although the recession will cause online ad spending to grow more slowly than we had previously forecast, it will actually increase the internet

2 Responses to “Recession Will Accelerate Shift To Online Advertising: Analysts”

  1. Whereas more firms may be prone to spend more money on online advertising to get their message across, the true goal should be is to make yourself search engine optimized via natural results. I can understand a new site going to the paid route until it is indexed and gets rankings in Google, Yahoo!, etc., but it should be phased out as natural rankings improve.