News Corp. Raises $1 Billion On News America Bonds


Late last week, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp (NYSE: NWS) posted a $6.4 billion Q4 loss following an $8.4 billion writedown of its Dow Jones acquisition. Now the company is raising $1 billion by issuing notes on its News America Inc., the primary U.S. subsidiary that holds Fox Entertainment Group, Dow Jones and more. The sale, managed by JP MorganChase, was split between $700 million of 6.90 percent 10-year senior notes and $300 million of 7.85 percent 30-year senior notes. Bloomberg reports that the issues include a “poison put” that allows investors sell the bonds back for 101 cents on the dollar if the company changes control.

In its post-market announcement, the company said it would use the net proceeds — the gross will be $998.3 million — for “general corporate purposes.” The amount raises News Corp.’s debt back past $10 billion; according to the Seeking Alpha transcript, during the earnings call last week, CFO Dave DeVoe said the company had decreased its net debt to $9.7 billion by shaving off $900 million in 2008. DaVoe said then that News Corp.’s current cash balance was enough to pay debts maturing to 2015.

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