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BT Will ‘Definitely’ Go Live With Phorm This Year, Phorm Says

imageAfter BT (NYSE: BT) concluded its much-delayed trial of Phorm‘s controversial ISP-based behavioural ad targeting technology in December, the advertising company is trying to keep those precious few positive moments up in the spotlight.

“We’re not able to comment on specific timings but our work with BT is the most advanced, (and) it’ll most definitely be online by the end of the year,” CEO Kent Ertugrul told Dow Jones (via Still no word on Carphone Warehouse or Virgin Media (NSDQ: VMED), however, both of which Phorm last year said were ready to trial the technology but which have said precious little on the matter since.

Phorm has a knack for committing its potential clients to using its technology before even they have made any announcements as such. In December, Phorm said: “BT has informed (us) that it expects to move towards deployment.” But the most BT has said on the topic is:

6 Responses to “BT Will ‘Definitely’ Go Live With Phorm This Year, Phorm Says”

  1. Danny Dunn

    That missing CNN story which was mysteriously removed after publication can be seen here in the Google Cache of the page (good old Google eh!)

    Please sign the Downing Street Petition against Phorm and this technology to spy on customers of ISPs so they can generate profit from knowing what you are doing in your private communication:

    Only 10 days of so left to sign that petition and STOP PHORM.

  2. Actually, Robert it's a little more complicated than that.

    Phorm, shouldn't track credit card numbers, because any decent bank or financial instutution should be receiving these over a secure (HTTPS) connection, which would require a fair degree of fraud to spy on. There's no evidence that BT or Phorm are doing this, and no reason to believe that they would.

    But Phorm in it's most recently defined public incarnation most definitely does spy upon and analyse the full content of web pages, including many password protected sites and including forms filled in. Wherever you are on the (unsecured) web, Phorm is there, spying on your every move. For details, see the report by Richard Clayton's of Cambridge University's security research group.

  3. It is always Phorm says never BT this looks more like PR to try and get more funding from gullible people buying shares.

    BT are losing customers I was in my bank today for a review ended up talking about this to the employee who was about to sign up with BT from TalkTalk they are going elsewhere now. We only got onto the subject due to her trying to get me to take a credit card saying buying online the goods are insured blah. I said that with what BT are doing I would rather select the item then phone the company and pay over the phone. Advised her to never put her credit card details online with this company in the wings waiting to pimp her clicks for advertising.