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QuickTime to Come With Pro Features in Snow Leopard?

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picture-14Although I’m not privy to actual sales numbers, I find it hard to believe that there are many people out there buying QuickTime Pro. Yes, the extra features come in handy, but you can’t find anything there that isn’t available in other, more “free” programs like VLC. Maybe I’m ignoring a whole segment of video editors out there who need the features and need them specifically to be part of QuickTime, but I’m willing to bet that’s not the case.

For years, Mac users have been annoyed by Apple’s (s aapl) refusal to just give in and offer these features as part of the free version of QuickTime that packages with OS X. Perhaps most useful among these features, at least for most users, is the “Save” function that allows you to download QuickTime files that you’ve played from your browser, including movie trailers and other content normally locked away on the web.

According to MacRumors, Apple may have finally decided that the time is right for the Pro features of QuickTime to come without a price tag. That’s because users working with the latest Snow Leopard builds are reporting that all the features are enabled out of the box, so to speak. No more grayed-out menu items with little, teasing “Pro” icons next to them, trying to make you feel inferior.

This is a great move on Apple’s part, if it makes it through to Snow Leopard’s full release. Even though I argue above that most people don’t generally miss the Pro features, they are definitely very nice to have when and if you find yourself needing them. My favorite use is to save and replay later for others HD movie trailers and Apple ads, so really they’re only helping themselves and their partners by helping more people do that for free. Let’s hope they don’t go and lock it down again when Snow Leopard goes retail.

10 Responses to “QuickTime to Come With Pro Features in Snow Leopard?”

  1. Sounds good to me. I’ve always wanted to be able to rotate movie clips I’ve shot on a digital camera – But I’m not going to pay the extra bucks for it.

    Would give me another reason (besides common-sense) to keep using a Mac. :-)

  2. I remember when Apple first decided to offer a “Pro” version of Quicktime. Many of the “Pro” features (including full-screen playback and the ability to save movies) were included FOR FREE in the previous non-pro version. Many long-time Mac users were outraged by it.

  3. I remember those days when movies werent playable fullscreen else for PRO.. that was pathetic..

    but I feel pro can come along with OS snow leopard !! they do give Ilife (such an amazing package) .. they could well give a thot to Qtime-PRO

  4. Seeing PRO all over the menus without it would drive me insane.

    They’ve been holding this back for too long. It’s not the kind of thing you charge extra for in 2009.

    Apple builds goodwill by not requiring OS activation or even a product key. Holding back features like Pro cancels some of that out. It’s a bush move to charge for it.