Preview Netflix Movies on your Windows Mobile Handset


I keep telling myself to get a Netflix account since the service integrates with my Xbox 360. As if that wasn’t enough, the free Mobile Manager for Netflix puts queue management right on a Windows Mobile device. It doesn’t just manage your movies, it now offers video previews of some titles right on your handset. Yup, Zatz Not Funny says you can stream Netflix movie previews on Windows Mobile, which is a big deal for the way I pick and choose potential rentals. Very handy for when you have a few minutes to kill and you’re just not sure of what title to “pick up” on the way home.

You know, it’s not a stretch for full-length Netflix video streaming to Windows Mobile devices after this little demo. Clearly, Netflix and Microsoft have worked together so far between this software and the Xbox 360 deal. Anybody interested in Netflix over Wi-Fi or 3G to your handset for feature films?


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