Mobile Tech Minutes: SONOS Multi-Room Music System

[wpvideo pmvHo3mv w=500]

I think I was supposed to have the SONOS system on loan for 30-days. I’m a little overdue with it mainly because it’s so easy to use and works well. Today I’m offering you a quick video look at the parts of the system and how it works. There’s a ZoneBridge that connects to my router and that sends music over WiFi to the ZonePlayer through my home stereo. The music comes from your Windows or Mac computer or you can use the integration with Pandora, Rhapsody, Last.FM, SIRIUS or Napster.

SONOS also has a rechargeable system controller, but I find the free iPhone application to work extremely well since I’m already carrying it around. The system isn’t what I’d call inexpensive: the ZoneBridge is $99 and the unamplified ZonePlayer is $349. If you need to amplify the sound for speakers, that unit is a whopping $499. I’m shooting the unit back to the nice folks at SONOS today, but I’m tempted to pull the trigger and buy my own. It’s that good. One thing I’d like to see in the future? A way to remotely access these tunes when out and about.