LG ARENA Crosses iPhone with 3D User Interface

lge-arenaOft confused with the Galactic Senate, the Mobile World Congress is nearly ready to convene in Barcelona. Some handset bureaucrats obviously can’t keep a secret because LG is already announcing the wares they’re showing off next week. Take the LG ARENA, for example, which is looking rather iPhone-ish to me:

“LG ARENA will feature audio and video technologies never before seen on a mobile phone. LG took great effort to ensure that its 2009 flagship delivers an exhilarating multimedia experience, including features aided by Dolby and DivX technologies.”

Clearly, LG is positioning the ARENA to be an audio and video powerhouse but isn’t providing too many details just yet. (Teases!) Aside from the touch-based 3-D menus, all they’ve said so far is that their flagship ARENA will offer HSDPA support, Wi-Fi, and Assisted-GPS. Their press photo gives away a wee bit more: see that front-facing camera?


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