Google Adds Contact, Calendar Sync to Most Smartphones


Google Sync has actually been around a bit for the BlackBerry crowd. Today, Google (s GOOG) rolls out the service in bits and pieces for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian S60 and certain Motorola and Sony Ericsson handsets. Since Windows Mobile and the iPhone natively support Micrsoft’s (s MSFT) Exchange, Google Sync will offer both Contacts and Calendar sync on those devices. Handsets that support SyncML only get Contacts for now. Bear in mind: there’s no Gmail support in Google Sync just yet. It wouldn’t surprise me to see push Gmail coming soon, however.

Like Apple (s AAPL) and others, Google is licensing Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology to make this happen. I recently covered a similar approach to accomplish the same thing using NuevaSync. After testing Google’s new Sync offering, I’m actually sticking with NuevaSync for now. Using it, I can sync up to eight calendars as opposed to five with Google Sync. Additionally, I’m not able to see shared Google calendars with Sync until we have the feature turned on by our illustrious GigaOM admin. ;) That’s key for me because I use shared calendars as a little trick to get both work and personal calendars on my iPhone over-the-air.

Want to try Google Sync on your handset? Here’s a listing of the various configuration steps for different platforms. Note that you’ll want to backup your calendar andor your contacts before trying this on any handset.



Thanks Casey. I guess Exchange is all I need to use iPhone Calendar. Still [I know you’re tired of reading this], I prefer the Saisuke calendar, which is a separate app, so that I can have that month view with text. It’s just what I’m used to using [Datebk 6 on a Palm], although the list view of iPhone’s calendar ain’t so bad at all. It’s a matter of personal preference I guess.

Thanks again,


Casey S.

Yes, this does replace all existing contacts and Calendars on your phone. I just set this up this morning. I have my wife’s shared calendar as well as my own showing up.

I do like having my contacts backed up to the cloud. However, I would like it to sync groups as well as contacts.


Does anyone know if this replaces/deletes your iPhone calendar? I use my company’s Exchange right now, so would it get replaced/deleted by Google calendar and Contacts or would it make a second calendar? It does not look like a new app for iPhone to me. It looks as if it uses iPhone’s calendar and contacts apps.


I’m using NeuvaSync happily. But assuming that Google doesn’t screw something up — it looks like curtains for them, right?

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