Feb 9: What To Read on the GigaOM Network


At TED*: How Far Can a Simulcast Go?
NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes attended the 2009 TED conference last week — but not in Long Beach. Instead, she attended a simulcast of the event held at a separate venue two hours away. As the famed conference expands, its organizers are trying to find ways to include more people in real time, a laudable effort that’s being enabled by live streaming video. Liz weighs in on some of the peaks and valleys.

If Green Jobs Are So Hot, Where Are They?
In the economic downturn, “green jobs” has become one of the hottest political catchphrases. But the cleantech industry hasn’t proved to be recession-proof, and layoffs and hiring freezes are leading would-be green employees to question just how soon the jobs will arrive, and what kind of cleantech companies will be hiring. Earth2Tech offers a look at what the future may hold.

Comparing Apples & Volvos: User Maintenance Forgotten
Apple computers have frequently been compared to Volvo automobiles, more due to the perceived political and ideological leanings of a prominent cohort of their respective users (ie: urban liberals) rather than commonality of design and engineering philosophy. there’s another Volvo-Apple similarity: a predilection of both firms to discourage user maintenance and tinkering. Charles Moore dismantles the problems with this way of thinking over at The Apple Blog.

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