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Tallying the True Costs of Electricity: The quickest, if not the politically easiest, way to boost clean energy is to create a national cap-and-trade scheme — not a Manhattan project for renewables. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Energy-Tourism Smackdown: Japan’s plan to build out clean energy infrastructure has hit a roadblock as business owners protest a scheme to tap rich geothermal energy reserves — a move they say will destroy thousands of years of culture and the local tourist trade. — The Guardian

Greasing the Wheels: How can the logjam in private investment for clean energy be broken? Extend the public support system through which Germany, Spain and other countries guarantee higher-than-market prices to generators of renewable energy — or create a central bank for carbon to put a floor on carbon prices. — International Herald Tribune

Microsoft Starts Crunching Carbon, Energy Data: A new update to Microsoft’s Dynamics applications allows managers to view energy use and the impact of energy-efficiency programs. — CNET’s Green Tech

Farm Power: The USDA is giving $356 million in loans to 16 rural utilities in 10 states to upgrade their power grids. — Greentech Media


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