ARCHOS Adds Android Telephony to Mobile Internet Device


archos-7This announcement out of ARCHOS is right up the alley of what I said a week or two ago. The line between MIDs and smartphones will blur as folks don’t want to carry both a phone and Internet browsing device. That’s precisely where ARCHOS is heading with their newest IMT, or Internet Media Tablet.

By combining the MID expertise from the 5 and 7 lines of devices (shown) with an Android telephony stack, here’s what they’ve come up with:

  • A high-res 5-inch display capable of full-width page viewing. ARCHOS didn’t specify the resolution, but I’d guess 1,024 pixels wide. The current devices are 800×480 resolution.
  • Full-screen Adobe Flash support
  • TV recording and HD playback thanks to the TI OMAP3440 processor
  • Up to 500GB of storage
  • 10-millimeters thin
  • Up to 7 hours of video playback; I’d expect that you can use this device for a full day of web usage based on that.
  • HSUPA support up to 7.2Mbps

No pics yet but since “tablet” is in the name, I’d expect it to look similar to the ARCHOS portable media players / web browsing devices currently offered. Interesting how MID might be an Intel-coined term, but this MID is running on an ARM. Can’t wait to see pricing and more details; for now we’ll have to wait until the third quarter to see this product on shelves.



Sorry for the beginner’s question but does this mean cellular capabilities – meaning a real cell phone, or just voice capabilities (voip) through cellular mobile internet?


Who is going to hold a tablet up to their heads and talk on it? Even if it has blue tooth how is one going to lug around this brick all day? On a side not 500GB portable Video player..Sign me up


Archos looks good on paper but the problem is the implementation. They released the A5 promising some of the same: HD, TV on the go, etc. but never implemented any of it. Plus, 500GB 10mm? Not going to happen.

Mickey Segal

I like the blending of tablet and phone capabilities. I’d favor something I could dock and use as a real computer, but many others will be satisfied with a device of this sort. When I get a modern phone instead of an old phone and an iPod touch, such a device will be attractive.

How long before Apple relents and allows Flash and Java? Many say that Apple’s concerns about Flash and Java are more issues of Apple wanting to control what programs are running rather than concerns over limitation of memory.


This is getting close to the type of Android device I’m looking for. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

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