Web Analytics Firm 7 Billion People Gets $3 Million Funding


7 Billion People, an Austin, Texas-based online commerce behavioral analytics and personalization company that may have to change its name every time a billion people are added to this world, has added $3 million to its kitty. It has raised that amount in its first institutional round of funding from SmithCo Investments, according to AA Statesman. The company, founded in 2006, helps online retailers personalize their shopping pages by monitoring consumer behavior, and customizes the end result based on their clicks and searches. It raised an undisclosed amount of seed money in 2007 from Heritage Wealth Management previously. The company says it has about 20 companies as customers in the online travel, clothing, electronics and technology industries, but would not disclose names.



I would definitly agree with Cherry, Google analytics are just perfect for 99% of websites and therefore people should look at those, and perhpas spend the extra money on marketing!


strange that people would pay for analytics when google will give you thoose statistics for free?

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