The New Kindle 2.0: Text, Pics, Videos and Well, Lotsa Gloatware…


image…is online now here on It went live just as Jeff Bezos went live with his press conference earlier today in NYC. The new Kindle is the same price as before, $359, and won’t be available for shipping until Feb 24th, though you can pre-order …

Staci adds: Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) is counting on some upgrading … Kindle 1 owners get top priority if they order by midnight PST Tuesday night (Feb. 10); otherwise, orders are first come, first serve and, yes, I’ve ordered one. Also, anyone who already has an order in for Kindle 1 will automatically receive a Kindle 2 instead. One new feature that will make the Kindle more usable for some: text-to-speech. No official sharing of Kindle books — something I’d hoped happen this time, at least within Amazon Prime circles, for instance. But a feature called Whispersync allows synchronization between an owner’s Kindle devices, which could solve that problem for some. The number of books I buy on Kindle would go up if they could be shared within my own household at a minimum. E-mail to Kindle 1 users after the jump.

E-mail to Kindle owners from Amazon this morning:

Dear Kindle Owner,

We are excited to introduce Kindle 2

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