Apple’s Latest Negotiations To Bring iPhone To China Broke Down Over App Store Control


Will the iPhone ever officially make it to China? The wrangling between Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and China Mobile, the country’s overwhelmingly dominant network operator, to launch the iPhone in the world



So much for "free trade".

It seems some countries are more "global" than others.


Being the dominant mobile phone company China Mobile will try to extract every concession they can from Apple. The best bet for Apple is to look for a smaller company and then build up their market share from there.
It is better to put the fear into China Mobile by opening negotiation with another company rather than being cornered by them. No point talking to a company that think you need them more than they need you.


Yes, this has become standard procedure in just about any dealings with China. They dictate negotiations based on the leverage of potential market size (aka – their population).

But I'd be inclined to say let them have the App Store…just not Apple's App Store. Meaning, China Mobile is free to go set up their own app store, negotiate the with developers on pricing, distribute and install (without Apple's iTunes) said software on iPhones, provide whatever customer service they deem appropriate, etc.

Basically, let China Mobile EARN the money they so presumptively state should be theirs with an iPhone App Store.

Beltway Greg

The Chinese being difficult? Shocking! This is the country that has stolen all of our nuclear secrets so the idea that they don't want to play nice with Apple is hardly, how should we say, revolutionary. If you think things are bad in America, just wait until growth slows in China. The point of no return for them is around 9% and this year they'll be lucky to hit 5%. Of course it is my belief that India and China have had Eronesque issues dealing with measuring official growth rates in the past. India in particular seems to be able to maintain a 9% rate reminiscent of say one Bernie Madoff. Anyway, if you thought the French Revolution was exciting just wait until 1 billion starving, unemployed, dehydrated, uneducated, peasants show up on your doorstep. Can you say Mao? Can we develop an ap for that? Just sayin.

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