Uhh…The CollegeHumor Show Isn’t On the Web?

Did you, like me, miss the premiere episode of The CollegeHumor Show, the new MTV series based on web videos made by CollegeHumor? Did you expect it would be online, since MTV seems to put many of its other original shows online, and hey, this one’s basically based on a web series?

Well, no such luck. The CollegeHumor Show appears to be available only through your local cable provider. There’s not even a “Watch Full Episodes” link portending future episodes on the show page.

There is, though, a 30-frame “Photo Recap,” which is kind of like a flip book, except grainy and not the same. MTV must have been worried that the full video might have gotten Dugg and gotten way too many views and taken down their site…or something. I guess I will have to watch some old Hardly Workings to console myself. Perhaps it’s just that MTV’s episode-putter-upper-person had the night off and this will all be reconciled in the morning.

In the meantime, if you saw the show, let us know how it was.

UPDATE: Monday morning: The episode has now been posted — though the comments here make me a little scared to watch it.

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