Broadband Content Bits: Netflix/Xbox; ‘Washington Unplugged’; Slotcar; Video Stats; Doritos/YouTube


imageXbox owners flock to *Netflix*: *Netflix* says one million Xbox 360 users have “activated” its streaming video service on their console. *Microsoft* began offering *Netflix* through Xbox LIVE three months ago; *Netflix* says members have watched 1.5 billion minutes of movies since, though it didn’t offer actual subscriber numbers (via Reuters).’s Washington Unplugged: The site is launching a new weekly webcast that focuses on U.S. political news and events; Face The Nation’s Bob Schieffer will host the 15-minute show. *CBS* decided to roll out Washington Unplugged based on the popularity of webcasts news anchor Katie Couric hosted during election season, per Adweek.

Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr. sponsor racing parody: The two fast-food restaurants are sponsoring Slotcar, a web series spoofing the stock car-racing industry; the launch is tied to the start of the 2009 Nascar season. L.A.-based Animax Unplugged will produce each episode within a week of its air date; the idea is to use up-to-date racing news and controversy as show fodder. The series has a YouTube channel, and clips will be featured on both company’s sites. Release.

Online video usage up 13 percent: Americans viewed 14.3 billion online video clips in December, per comScore; that’s up 13 percent from November. YouTube led the growth surge, as nearly half of the incremental growth in viewership came from videos on the site. Also 13 percent more videos in December than they did in November, per *comScore*.

Doritos tops YouTube Super Bowl ad promo: Doritos’ UGC ad took first place in YouTube’s Ad Blitz promo. Viewers voted on their favorite ads for three days after the big game; participants also tapped YouTube’s Sponsored Video ads so that their spots would show up alongside various search terms. The contest garnered more than 21 million views and 2.6 million votes in all.


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