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Thoughts from the road- Vegas is hit by the recession too

vegas-airportYesterday’s travel went off without hitch and we arrived in Sin City early in the evening ready to enjoy the rest of the day.  I posted an eerie picture in January that showed how deserted the Las Vegas airport was the day after the gigantic CES and I was curious to see if Vegas still shows signs of the troubled economy.

It is obvious to both Sheri and me that Vegas is definitely hit hard by the recession.  We have been visiting here for years and this is the first trip where gigantic crowds and long lines are just not here.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of folks running around having a great time but it’s nowhere near the capacity that it has always been before.

I am sitting right now in a Starbucks in the hotel lobby and catching up on email and the like.  I was happy to find that Verizon’s EV-DO is as good here as it is most places and I am sharing the connection so Sheri can work too.

She is using the HP Mini 2140 with Windows 7 and it’s working great for her and she’s had nothing but good things to say about it so far with one exception.  She uses Outlook Web Access to access her office email and while it is working great overall in IE8 she can’t send an email.  The editor pane doesn’t work, it just displays the dreaded red X preventing her from sending email.  I’ve only been checking into this briefly but so far I am drawing a blank as to why this won’t work

She really is liking the Mini 2140.  She loves how small it is, she is carrying it around in her purse which says a lot.  She also really likes how the extended battery props the back of the unit up making for a comfortable typing angle.  She seems pretty pleased with the 2140 so far and she hasn’t formed an opinion of Windows 7 yet.  I’m pretty sure she’ll like it as she actually likes Vista.

This morning I installed Foxmarks for Safari since Kevin told us about it yesterday.  I have been using Foxmarks forever to keep all my different machines synced and it revolutionizes my work.  I have long wished that the folks at Foxmarks would make a Safari version because quite frankly I have never used Safari much as I couldn’t get all my bookmarks and toolbars over there easily.

I jumped on installing the Foxmarks for Safari this morning and I can’t express how happy I was to see my Firefox environment appear in Safari.  This alone gives me reason enough to try Safari out for a bit, something I have wanted to do as I believe it is faster than IE or Firefox.  Here’s to progress and Foxmarks.

I’ll be chiming in from time to time about anything interesting I run across.  I want to thank Kevin for keeping this running as smooth as ever in my absence.  Hmmm, maybe it’s running too smoothly…

4 Responses to “Thoughts from the road- Vegas is hit by the recession too”

  1. If i helps, I have just tested my Windows 7 build with IE8 against OWA on Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 and in both cases it worked perfectly so I suspect the problem is not an IE8 or W7 one.

  2. The OWA error could be related to this KB article. I had the same issue with a Vista client connecting to my Exchange server.

    Not sure if you have any pull with the server admin or not, but thought that I would mention it.