Skooba Adds Checkthrough Messenger Bag to TSA-Friendly Line

front_2I wonder what gear bag James took to Las Vegas yesterday? I know which one he didn’t take: the newest Checkthrough Messenger option from Skooba. This new bag safely holds “all 15/15.4-inch machines, most 16- and many 17-inch models” so it’s for the traditional notebook crowd. I suspect this 8.3-pound monster need not apply, though.

The padded bag offers over a dozen pockets including one, the Doc-Pocket™, that’s dedicated to holding your travel docs for quick access. Of course the best part is the quick unzip that exposes the laptop contents in a flat package. To an airport security screener, your laptop appears the same as if it were in a bin. There’s no need to remove your notebook from this bag when going through security at the airport.

The Checkthrough Messenger has an MSRP of $129.95, which is well worth it to the frequent traveler. I had three cross-country trips last month and took a netbook and notebook on each. With my not-so-checkthrough bags, I didn’t make many friends in the TSA line. Everyone seemed to be in such a rush to hurry up and wait at the gate!


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