Skooba Adds Checkthrough Messenger Bag to TSA-Friendly Line


front_2I wonder what gear bag James took to Las Vegas yesterday? I know which one he didn’t take: the newest Checkthrough Messenger option from Skooba. This new bag safely holds “all 15/15.4-inch machines, most 16- and many 17-inch models” so it’s for the traditional notebook crowd. I suspect this 8.3-pound monster need not apply, though.

The padded bag offers over a dozen pockets including one, the Doc-Pocket™, that’s dedicated to holding your travel docs for quick access. Of course the best part is the quick unzip that exposes the laptop contents in a flat package. To an airport security screener, your laptop appears the same as if it were in a bin. There’s no need to remove your notebook from this bag when going through security at the airport.

The Checkthrough Messenger has an MSRP of $129.95, which is well worth it to the frequent traveler. I had three cross-country trips last month and took a netbook and notebook on each. With my not-so-checkthrough bags, I didn’t make many friends in the TSA line. Everyone seemed to be in such a rush to hurry up and wait at the gate!


Lorenz Szabo

I have a Skooba Skin, a checkpoint-friendly computer skin, and it worked in the US and UK without any need to remove the notebook out of it.


Tom Bihn make a nice TSA-friendly (is this an oxymoron?) bag. I have several of his bags and they are great. They are well made, well designed, and made in the US (if that matters to you).



Just do what I do and take your time. All these security precautions are such a waste of time that I’m quite happy to take as long as is necessary.

I don’t know about the US but here in the UK you are expected to remove laptops, shoes, belts and coats. They have signs up asking people to prepare all this before they reach the x-ray machine but I refuse to struggle in a queue holding a whole lot of stuff just to satisfy some nazi who is trying to enforce a pointless rule. It’s much easier to take your time when you get to the head of the queue and be sure to put everything back together and get dressed as soon as everything exits the machine rather than taking it somewhere else.

Why waste money on another bag, especially when there are so many limits placed on the number of bags you can carry anyway.


I have a supposed TSA approved laptop bag from Belkin.

I have flown with it 4 times and each time was told to take the laptop out of it.

When pointed out to one officer in Atlanta that it was a “TSA Friendly” bag, I was told that they don’t have time to check every bag and it is more efficient to enforce a single policy of getting everyone to remove their computers.

So I guess don’t expect miracles!

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