Google to Psion- “netbook” is indeed a protected trademark

landing_netbookpro_whiteLate last year we were covering the news that Psion was informing folks that they owned the trademark for the term “netbook” and that it should not be used generically.  Psion subsequently responded to our coverage and stated that they were only going to go after those who were using the term “netbook” in ventures for profit.

It’s been quiet for a bit about this but today Psion let us know that Google has investigated the trademark claim and determined that “netbook” is indeed a protected trademark.  Google does these investigations as they are impacted when they run ads on their network. The determination by Google that the term “netbook” is duly registered and protected has prompted them to inform their ad customers that the term can no longer be used in Google ads.

It will be interesting to see how Intel reacts as they are openly using the netbook term in their promotional material and in fact run a web site at that domain.  Can I hear a mini-notebook from the crowd?  Or sub-note?


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