Daily Sprout

Obama Wants Energy Efficiency Rules, Pronto: President Barack Obama ordered the DOE yesterday to immediately draft overdue standards for making a variety of appliances and light bulbs more efficient. — New York Times

Big Bucks for Batteries: Loan guarantees and grants worth $2 billion for advanced batteries may seem like chump change by stimulus standards, but it’s more money than what’s flowed into the sector from venture capital and private equity firms over the last four years combined. — CNNMoney

Solar Power Partners Goes Ka-ching: California-based Solar Power Partners, which installs and manages solar panels for commercial customers, has raised $32 million in new funding for working capital and project financing. Another $60 million for project financing is expected to come in by year’s end. — peHUB

Shoppers Still Looking for Green Labels: Four out of five people say they are still buying products carrying environmental claims. Half of the 1,000 people surveyed said they buy just as many of these products, which sometimes cost more, as before the economic downturn. — Press Release

Climate Policy Boosts Innovation: A new study finds countries that ratified the Kyoto climate treaty have had more cleantech innovation (measured by patent filings) in the intervening years than those that did not ratify. — Environmental Economics

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