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Healthcare Info Company Waterfront Media Lays Off 20

imageHealthcare-related content company Waterfront Media is laying off 20 people, paidContent has learned. The company, which has over 250 employees, confirmed the number and said the cuts are part of efforts to “streamline” its business. But more than just the unstable economy that has been driving so many job cuts lately drove this decision. The Brooklyn, NY-based company is looking to reduce overlaps at its various offices as it tries to speed the integration with former rival Revolution Health. The two companies completed the merger late last year. The value of the combined companies was estimated at $300 million when the two announced the tie-up in October.

One Response to “Healthcare Info Company Waterfront Media Lays Off 20”

  1. @David

    Your post does not seem to be factual. Waterfront had 200+ employees before the merger with Revolution. Revolution had 310 employees- they laid of 60 in October and then an addition 50 before the merger, ending in 200. The combined companies at the merger were about 400+ employees.

    Somewhere in the last 6 months, Waterfront/Revolution seem to have "lost" 150-180 employees in addition to these 20, or are just hiding or lying about it.

    In June, Revolution laid of 50, with 200+ still in the company

    Check the facts, these are real people that lost their jobs. Together, Revolution & Waterfront have laid of 310 employees.