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[qi:006] A man is known by the company he keeps. Extending that analogy, a blog is known by the quality of commenters it attracts. There is nothing more rewarding that reading insights that extend, challenge and enhance the original thesis published by us. Over the past few days, we have attracted such great comments from our ultra-smart readers that were were compelled to highlight a few:

These comments are a mere sample of great discussions we host on a daily basis on our blog(s). It is these comments which help us keep our focus and strive for excellence. I hope you will continue to lend us your voice.



Bravo. You just found a way to get your readers to get more involved.
Hope you make this a consistent feature.

I am going to be in the Bay Area next week – how about lunch/dinner sometime ?

Mike Giraldi

Om, I just found your blog from Cutt’s site. I am very impressed with the content and would love to be a part of it in the future. Congrats to your best commenters and I hope I can be among them. In the blogosphere it is indeed very important to keep good company. The days of senseless 3 word comments have been gone for a long time.

Rob Adler

I am honored. Although many people talk about blogs as being conversational, GigaOm is one of the few that encourages and fosters intellgent discussions. Thanks Om for stting the bar high, and giving the rest of us the opportuity to keep up.

Ryan Hardin

Om, thanks for the shoutout, and thank you for your wonderful blogging. By surveying industry trends from your very writings, and also acting on it, I’m sure you and I will ultimately meet one day. But not today. As in poker, we hide our cards when placing our bets. :)

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