We're All Web Workers Now


Over the past few years, as companies have looked for ways to reduce their operating expenses and individuals have realized the benefits of flexibility, more and more people have turned to freelance work. In the meantime, the costs associated with web working have dropped to the point where it’s now accessible to nearly everyone. So with Internet connectivity nearly ubiquitous, and cheap, and many of the desktop apps moving into the cloud, are we not all web workers now? Indeed, with the economy crumbling underneath our feet, if we’re not yet, we will be soon.



I’m not sure we’re all web workers now, if you view the web through the ‘lens’ that most of the rest of the world views the web. We pay for web access, with a bit more for faster web access. Most of us in the US do not pay by the Mb for web access. Most of the world, however, pays by the Mb, and that changes their outlook and approach to being a web worker.

Hope that helps.

Pushpendra Mohta

The bigger trend to examine is if free agency is indeed the future of work. “We have the technology”.

To the extent that productivity is improving, there are jobs for which you do not need full time people on staff.
To the extent that specialization and complexity of certain jobs is increasing, there are a number of roles that should no longer be staffed in house, and some of the better specialists may be remote.
To the extent that the economy is in distress, one may not be able to afford full time workers for certain tasks. Similarly – some workers may need to have more than one job to meet their needs.
To the extent that attention span of the next generation on any one project..

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