iPhone apps provide restaurant ordering for the traveler

grubhub2A couple of apps have appeared in the Apple App Store for the iPhone that provide a service I think business travelers will be all over.  I have long wished for a way to go on my phone and easily find good restaurant choices to order food for delivery when I am in a strange city.  These two apps promise to provide such a convenience.

Both GrubHub and CityMint show the restaurants in your area that deliver food to patrons and let you peruse the menus to make the choices for that perfect happy meal.  While both programs show the establishments that deliver CityMint also covers those that only allow pickup so you have a choice there.

This sounds like the ultimate in lazy dining, ordering food on your iPhone and waiting for someone to bring it to you but I see this as a wonderful thing for business travelers.  How many times have you been working in your hotel room and wished you were familiar enough with the area to order food for delivery?  This happened to me on my last trip to San Francisco, I was hard at work and didn’t want to stop yet I needed something to eat.  This would have been a wonderful way to deal with that situation.

GrubHub is free and CityMint will set you back a whopping $2.99.  Would you like fries with that?

(via TechCrunch)


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