In the Kindle Backorder Queue? Upgrade Offer for Kindle 2 Coming.


Amazon's old and new Kindle (credit: Boy Genius Report)

Folks the current Amazon Kindle backorder list might be getting an upgrade offer real soon. Stephen Windwalker, a Kindle book author, explains that the Amazon is gearing up for the Kindle 2. The updated eBook reader should be introduced on Monday at a press event.

So what happens if you ordered a Kindle but don’t have it yet? Steven says that Amazon will offer a chance to upgrade to the newer device at a small price increase. He says to expect roughly a 10% bump, which is around $35 at today’s Kindle pricing. If true, I figure Amazon will launch the device at the $399, which is the first Kindle’s original price; it later dropped to the current $359.

(via TeleRead)


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