HTC Following Toshiba in Snapdragon Handset Market

htc-logoThat sexy TG01 Toshiba phone might be the first Qualcomm Snapdragon handset, but it certainly won’t be the last. DigiTimes says that HTC is following Toshiba with their own phones built around the Snapdragon platform. We should see product launches in the second quarter of this year, so maybe we’ll get more info out of Mobile World Congress later this month. HTC has a strong core-competency with Windows Mobile devices, so I’m anticipating WinMo for sure on some of these products. However, I wouldn’t count out Android either as HTC makes the HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1.

DigiTimes further reports that HTC is working on Intel Atom-based projects which are due out after the Snapdragon handsets. Atom might be overkill for a standard, pocketable phone, but there is talk about the Athena 2, a successor to the HTC Advantage that James enjoys. The lower-power and slightly slower Silverthorne Atom platform could fit in nicely here with Android. This also has me thinking back to when HTC dabbled with full desktop systems with the HTC Shift that runs Windows Vista. An Atom-based Shift revamp could be HTC’s take on the netbook market, no?


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