Foxmarks Syncs Bookmarks in Safari, Internet Explorer



Big news from the team at Foxmarks by way of Lifehacker today: They’ve extended their browser synchronization platform beyond Firefox. Yup, as of now you can install Foxmarks for Safari on the Mac and Internet Explorer in Windows! Foxmarks is among our favorite utilities because it keeps browser information in sync across multiple devices.

Now the version for Safari and IE isn’t quite as robust as the one on ol’ faithful Firefox. Foxmarks in Firefox synchronizes web site passwords, but that’s not supported in this first version for the other two browsers. You can sync your profiles, however, which is nice for, say, a “work” and “home” type of setup. All of your web data is stored on the Foxmarks servers although with Firefox, you can store it on your own server. That’s another limitation in the new v. 1.0.0.

If you can get past those missing features, this is a great way to keep your bookmarks in sync. And not just in one browser platform. Since Foxmarks now supports three browsers, your one account will keep everything in sync across all three. Say you use IE on a Windows XP netbook, Safari on a Mac and Firefox on a Vista desktop at work. All of your bookmarks will be the same on all three devices even though each uses a different browser! Those bookmarks are available on a mobile device through the web as well.

The free Foxmarks utility is right here for download; if you use the web on multiple computers, I consider it a must-have. Foxmarks is supported on Safari 3 in Mac OS X 10.5 and Internet Explorer 6 or 7 on XP or Vista.



Foxmark is cool. Now that Safari is supported, might give it a try until Firefox fixes the slow to startup problem!


I’ve been using Foxmarks for almost a year, since they first launched, and have been using the Beta IE client since it first became available in a public beta, and I have to say I absolutely love.

Its now one of the first extensions i install on any of my machines, or on one of my family’s.

The Password sync is also a god sent, if you don’t use one of the dedicated password management programs like roboform, as you no longer need to enter all the passwords again manually.


You might also want to take a look at Link Stash. It was recently recommended to me as a bookmark manager, and its portable. Nice program.



I actually just started using Foxmarks a few days ago after saying for months that, “I really need to try it out.” Frankly, it’s my new favorite plugin, and this news makes me really excited :)

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