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And Then There Was One: Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, shut down all but one of its assembly lines for vehicles and auto-related equipment in Japan today. The plants are scheduled to remain idle for 10 days. — CNNMoney

Peugeot to Go Slow on Plug-Ins: PSA, parent of Peugeot and Citroen, plans to delay a plug-in hybrid version of its new 3008 crossover by at least a year. A diesel hybrid from Peugeot is apparently still on track for a 2011 launch, but production will be limited to tens of thousands, rather than millions. — AutoblogGreen

Tech Industry, Unions Face Off Over Stimulus: Tech industry and labor leaders at the Good Jobs Green Jobs conference in DC see President Obama’s call for billions of dollars in targeted tax cuts and deficit spending on a new green economy as a generous windfall — but they are at odds over investment and procurement policies. — CNET

It’s Official: Corn-based ethanol is worse for health and the environment than regular gasoline and far worse than cellulosic ethanol, according to new research led by the University of Minnesota. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Trains, Trolleys and Buses: Why not lift the country out of a deepening recession building mass-transit infrastructure? The greenest jobs of all may be laying track for suburban commuter rail or driving trains along those tracks. — The Nation