Daily Apple: Forgetting Fixes, France Free-For-All, & Finer Focus

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Snow Leopard to Have Location, Multi-Touch Features – Those who are privy to the latest build of Snow Leopard are reporting that it has some tools familiar to iPhone users. Core Location services, and additional multi-touch features are part of the new package. But wait, MacBooks don’t have GPS, so how does it know where you are? Leveraging existing network hardware and tech, that’s how.

Repair Support Being Phased Out By Apple for “Vintage” Products – I”m having second thoughts about picking up that 12″ Powerbook I was thinking about getting since Apple refuses to release a proper netbook, now that they’ve announced they’re dropping official repair support for the older portable, among others. Check to see if you’ve become obsolete.

Apple Tries Fourth Design for Georgetown Store – Fourth time’s the charm, maybe? It seems like Georgetown is becoming slightly more willing to play ball with Apple’s industrial design mavens. Three previous attempts were blocked, since the neighborhood really likes its heritage and heritage look-a-likes, which does not include a giant glowing white Apple symbol.

Court Upholds Ruling Against iPhone Exclusivity in France – We reported earlier when a watchdog group found France Telecom’s iPhone deal with Apple to be in violation of regulations governing competitiveness. Now, an appeal by the telecommunication company has resulted in the decision being upheld.

iPhone App Makes Up for Weak Built-In Camera – 2 megapixels is lame, and the iPhone camera, with its limited focal range, is not going to win any awards, even among other cellphone cameras. This new app for jailbroken iPhones does a little fancy footwork to double your resolution.

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