Wondering What Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Roadmap Is?


When Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer takes the stage at Mobile World Congress in 12 days, he will have plenty to talk about. Yesterday, we outlined the company’s new Sky-branded mobile services that will be unveiled in Spain, and today, there’s more reassurances that the company will announce the latest release of Windows Mobile. The timing of the company’s next operating system accidentally entered the spotlight earlier this week when Motorola’s CEO let it slip during the company’s quarterly conference call that Windows Mobile 7 won’t be ready until 2010, or much later than originally expected.

Quoting anonymous sources, Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet, was able to drum up some more specifics on the Windows Mobile road map:

— April 2009: Windows Mobile 6.5 will ship to manufacturers.
— September 2009: Cell-phone makers release the first Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.
— November 2009: Windows Mobile 7.0 releases to testers
— April 2010: Cell-phone makers ship Windows Mobile 7.0 devices.

Foley believes that the above dates are more aggressive than even what Motorola (NYSE: MOT) hinted at during the call. Because of that, she suggests that Microsoft is able to move up the release dates by choosing to work more closely with a fewer number of partners (which is something that Microsoft has already said it is doing). If that’s true, is it possible that Motorola didn’t make the cut? The general impression is that Motorola is decided to spurn Windows Mobile until 2010 and instead work closely with Google’s Android operating system. But maybe it’s the other way around?

Photo Credit: gabofr

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