Major U.S. TV Networks Pledge They’ll Wait Until June To Go Digital


The major TV networks, such as CBS (NYSE: CBS), NBC and ABC, say they’ll wait to turn off their analog signals until the new June 12 voluntary deadline, giving new meaning to the bill passed by Congress yesterday, reports Reuters. Yesterday, the U.S. House passed a bill from the Senate that delayed the switch to digital TV by four months — however, the bill had a clause that if broadcasters want, they can turn off the analog signals anytime between the initial deadline of Feb. 17 and June 12. Because of the bill’s voluntary nature, it was unclear how effective it would be, but with the backing of the major networks, it’s clearly a much bigger victory for President Barack Obama, who will sign the bill soon. FCC Chairman Michael Copps, praised the networks for holding off: “These broadcasters are truly serving the public interest by giving real-world meaning to what Congress did yesterday.”

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