Interview: Razorfish’s Jeff Lanctot: Looking To Lessons In The Last Downturn; We’re Still Shopping

imageLast year, when observers were generally referring to an ad industry “depression,” the thinking was that even as online ad growth slowed, digital shops would weather their storm relatively comfortably. But after the global economy collapsed last fall, the thinking at a number of young agencies quickly changed and fear began to set in. But at least the way Jeff Lanctot, chief strategy officer for 14-year-old Razorfish, tells it, we’ve been here before. Lanctot, who’s been with Razorfish for about 10 years, said that the company’s main strength has its diversified set of offerings, which encompass media, web development as well as creative advertising. Furthermore, the Microsoft-owned digital shop’s international acquisition strategy has also served to reduce its exposure to the uneven effects of the worldwide recession. Lastly, Lanctot told me, speaking after a panel session at the AlwaysOn NYC conference this week, “relative to the holding companies, we