BBC Money Programme: Murdoch, Roussel, Rusbridger On Print & Online Challenges


In case you you missed it, here, courtesy of iPlayer, is Thursday night’s Money Programme from BBC Two – a sharp analysis of the challenges facing the newspaper business as circulation and ad sales falter and as news sites struggle to make enough money in their place: many of the topics we deal with routinely on paidContent:UK. The 30-minute show includes interviews with Rupert Murdoch, Telegraph digital editor Edward Roussel, Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger and WPP CEO Martin Sorrell…


Robert Andrews

Bert, until the BBC decides to issue the show on the Money Programme website for all, using a proxy is your best bet.

Bert Kok

Unfortunately this iPlayer-video doens't work outside the UK. Can I find this video elsewhere?

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