240GB of iPod Storage, But Not From Apple


ipodIf you’re feeling cramped by the iPod Classic’s 120GB of storage space, and you’re willing to either get your hands dirty or let others do the work and reward them handsomely for it, then you can double that capacity and get an iPod with 240 gigs of music and video holding goodness. There is another catch, though. You have to have held on to an older model iPod Video to get this to work, which means I’m glad I resisted the urge to sell mine when I bought my 1G iPod Touch.

There is yet another catch. You’ll need to fork over nearly $300 for a new 1.8″ Toshiba hard drive, which makes it essentially like buying a brand new iPod. Still, it was an intriguing prospect, and I always like to try to refurbish or repurpose old hardware rather than throw it out or let it lie idle. The mod, offered by Rapid Repair, does involve some prodding and prying, though, something which I’m not often keen to take on myself, being all thumbs.

Adding the Rapid Repair installation option to the order didn’t seem to change the price, although I didn’t actually complete the purchase, so I can’t be sure that some kind of cost isn’t incurred. The drive actually comes with a free iPod disassembly tool, although I would have to pay an extra $10.00 to get the thicker backing, since my iPod Video is only a 30GB model. Rapid Repair plans to extend the mod to newer iPod Classic models as well.

If you’re a braver man or woman than me, and are planning on trying this, let us here at TAB know how things went.


Mechanical Storage Suggestion

Not really on topic, but if you’re looking for extra storage space, Just look up. The ceiling is the most overlooked storage area in the garage. There are store bought kits that can turn wasted space into useful garage storage, or a few sheets of plywood laid across the ceiling beams will work just as well.


Hi all? Well I have an ipod classic 160gb, and would love to be able to upgrade the capacity to 240gb? Why! Simple, This would enable me to carry every piece of music I own and bought over the years in high quality transfer rate be it 320kb instead of the 128 which I ahve to transcode to enable me to put my whole music library on my ipod admittedly it is still hall empty but if current trends continue I will have it full in less than a year from now.. So as soon as an upgrade is available I will order the new toshiba candy and install it myself.

Amit Pbx

I don’t see the useful of it :(
I’m still having my ipod at about 30% of the storage.. And its more then what I need..
I can see the “Technology achievements” point of view.
But when it comes to the man (& woman) in the street, it becomes pointless.

But it’s just me.. ;)


Yeah, I’ve got the 160GB too. But the biggest iPod classic available now from Apple is 120GB.

Since I’ve only used about 50% of the space on my iPod, I won’t be going in for this.

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