Will You Switch to Sprint for the Palm Pre?


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So word on the street is that the Palm (s palm) Pre debut is coming soon: possibly as early as Feb. 15th or more likely March 15th. It’s rather timely that I’ve just read a 22-page report from Forrester on how consumers choose their mobile phones, no?

The report shows various segments of consumers, ranging from those who look at value and services to others that focus more on handset choices. I found it staggering that only 5% of those surveyed switch carriers for a specific phone. I would have thought the number far higher simply given the churn of folks that went to AT&T (s t) for an iPhone (s aapl). Even more amazing was the 39% that have remained loyal to their first carrier. As in, they’ve only been with a single cellular carrier from the time they first got a mobile handset. Clearly, Matt Miller with his two dozen handsets wasn’t part of the survey. ;)

So the potential Pre timing coupled with the report and Sprint’s new Premier customer program got me thinking: how many of you in the U.S. are considering a switch to Sprint simply to get a Palm Pre? Our poll is hardly scientific as the readership base tends to be the geek vote (and I mean that as a complement!), but I’m curious. I can’t affort multiple carrier accounts, so I’m even thinking of moving from AT&T to Sprint myself just for the Pre. How about you?


Gary Mintchell

Actually, I don’t like my phone, the Palm Treo, even though I’ve been a Palm user since 1996. But I’m on Verizon and not the least willing to switch to Sprint. Same reason I didn’t go for an iPhone. I don’t want to go to AT&T. Wish the Blackberry Storm had better reviews.


I’ve been a Palm and Treo user for years. Historically, Treos run on the major carrier networks. Not sure of the motive here with Pre but I can’t see those like myself switching to an inferior carrier for the sake of the device. I’d switch to the iPhone before switching carriers. But, I will wait to see where Palm goes with Pre as I don’t want the hassle of reentering all of my Palm data into the iPhone…


My contract with Sprint is up in May(10yr customer) and I had made up my mind to to switch to AT&T for the iPhone. With the announcement of the Pre I am going to wait to evaluate them. Should the Pre launch before May 1(I also see a May/June launch) I will have to hold off until my contract ends to at least have some options/leverage. I am now inclined to lean toward the Pre over the iPhone. I agree with some of the others in that all the carriers have CS issues and if the Pre is what they have pitched I’m “All-In”


@informed – +1!!

So true. Sprint has it’s share of problems, but you can go to any phone related forum on the web and find pi$$ed people on VZW and ATT too. I TRIED to leave Sprint but ATT’s 3G coverage is suspect and Verizon charges too much and does not offer me anything more.

Bring on the Pre baby!


I’ve learned that the folks complaining about Sprint are:

1) Current or ex-customers who would constantly call in for freebies, when the freebies got cut off they began to pout.

2) Current or ex-customers who complaine(d) about the their bill every month, knowing they did NOT pay last months. They are usually behind on their bills.

3) Current or ex-customers who are/were on a spending limit and constantly abused it, then would call in asking why their service was suspended.

4) Disgruntled ex or current employees who are never satisfied most likely because they felt they deserved more or they’re stuck in a dead end job.

5) Bandwagoners, they have never used Sprint, they are only saying negative things about Sprint because other people are.

Regarding the FCC comments, Palm could request confidentiality, Apple did the same with the iphone. The iphone did not appear on the FCC reports until after it launched. Also, saying or implying that Sprints network is not good it absolutely idiotic, Sprint has the best 3G network and the fast data connections. Not to mention Sprint has the best plans which are the least expensive.


You left out the last option: Current/ Former Employees, who while working for the company watched it FUBAR every opportunity it had to get on the right track. Things like 65% of the phone not working in the damned office tower that we did Tech Support out of, while my Cingular edge phone held full bars IN ELEVATORS. Things like Sprint revoking fully functioning diagnostic tools to make our job easier, which would improve customer feedback. Things like pandering to the really poor people w/ terrible credit, who would inevitably get shut off because they could not afford their bill in the first place. Then, once they paid the past due, the bill was re-calculated, and the prorated amount would put them back up above their pre-approved spending limit, shutting them off again. Yeah, such a great company…

There’s no way in hell I would ever use Sprint after that fiasco. Plus, they have the worst coverage outside of T-mobile (as far as total area covered. As far ass signal, it’s terrible in doors), and don’t even get me started on the Nextel BS. Sprint Execs: “Lets acquire a competing technology that isn’t compatible with ours, that’s old, not upgradeable, and sink our whole ship!” And then they launched WiMax, which sounds great in theory, except all the real world trials have proved disastorous (Google WiMax trials in Australia for the results) and they completely ignore LTE, which all the other carriers are going with. Which one do you think will be easier to support- A global standard, or a standard held by a small handful of companies? This is why GSM is better than CDMA in the first place, and why approximately 85% of the nations in the world use it over CDMA… Duhh….


I’d love this phone, but I won’t switch from AT&T to Sprint. I left Verizon for AT&T because all the good really good phones are GSM phones! Plus, i love rollover minutes and the AT&T Unity Plan… all calls to AT&T land line are free as well as other AT&T cell phones.

Bob Russell

I’m also with Sprint. Am considering Pre, but only if it looks like there are versions of all the 3rd party software I need, which I consider unlikely.

More likely, I’ll wait to 2010 or so, and see whether Andriod, WebOS, Win 7 or other options are gaining ground and have good handsets available.


For those above who have said the Pre demos were canned – this video was a hands-on with one of the Editors at Treocentral: http://www.treocentral.com/content/Stories/2318-1.htm

I am with Sprint also – have been for 8 years. I just tried the Strom on Verizon and an iPhone on ATT. Gee, Verizon’s prices are crazy and ATT’s network is just not up to the strain in my area (no 3G where I live in Austin, TX). Frankly, since Sprint roams on Verizon, it is hard for me to justify a 40% increase to move to VZW for the Storm. Sprint’s pricing is great and I have not had a problem with them in 8 years – they have actually been very good to me. So yes, I am excited about the Pre as well as HTC’s new devices to replace the Diamond/Touch Pro later this year. If they get something like the Touch HD, I’ll ditch the Pre!


@seamonkey420: $6 tzones is nice (used to do that myself), but got tired of no SSH. And you can’t beat the $30 SERO plan. Hi-five RonP!


Ive been with the same carrier for over twelve years now although they have switched owners 3 times going from kansas cellular to alltel and now soon to be verizion.

Fred Beiderbecke

I am already on Sprint. I’m looking for a new phone and it is between switching to AT&T for the iPhone or staying and getting a Touch HD or (if it isn’t too far out) a Pre.

Sprint is the first carrier I’ve had. Nothing has been compeling enough for me to switch.

Daniel H.

I’m on Verizon, have a VX6800, and refuse to pay Verizon’s outrageous data charges of $30/month.

However, $15/month on Sprint – this I can fathom a little better. I did price out the Sprint plans though, and my wife and I would be looking at about $130/month plus taxes/fees – which is still high, considering that we’re at about $90/month now for Verizon.

Ah well, we’ll have to see how this all shakes out ..


As a longtime Sprint customer, I’m thrilled with the prospect of the PRE. I’m on a Centro now and have been a Sprint Premiere customer for almost a year (yes it’s been around that long). I’ve been thrilled with the customer service turnaround that I’ve seen in the past year. More competent CSR’s; quicker response from a live person; complete satisfaction after each call.

I’ve always been happy with Sprint’s network (phone and 3G data) and the Simply Everything plan works great for our 5 phones. Knowing what I know, I’d switch to Sprint in a heartbeat if I wasn’t already there.

John in Norway

I was just about to change my account to one with 0 kroner per month but then read the small print that said the bill sent to me each month would cost a minimum of 99 kroner! (Why send me a bill if I haven’t used it?) What a ripoff! Anyway, I’m more than happy with my E90 so, as I hardly use it as a phone, I’m just looking for the lowest monthly charge.
I know it’s got nothing to do with your post, I just wanted to vent. :)


Okay, first of all, Sprint is much better than its reputation. The only bad thing about it is its customer service and that’s gotten a lot better in recent times. I’ve never had a dropped call or anything like that, and I know many others on Verizon and AT&T who have.

I’ll be getting the Pre and sticking with Sprint, especially considering my upgrade to Premier recently.


I’ll just get one to review for 30 days, then I’ll wait and pick up the GSM version, assuming it’s as good as demo-ed.

Ricky B.

I’m already on Sprint. :) Where do I vote?

I’d try to get a Pre if I didn’t just get a Touch Pro, but I am not that upset with the Touch Pro — certainly not enough to switch out of contract.

Frustrated Consumer

A cool phone on a so-so network is worthless to me.

I must be getting old.

Ron P

The one choice missing from the Poll, which does have an effect on accuracy, is the world famous:
I am already on Sprint, but will Glad pay the unsubsidized price? (:

Now, I would not pay $600 to $800 for any phone. They may snag me at $500. But I am on a SERO 500 Plan and will be on it for many many moons to come, regardless of what equipment surfaces over the years.

Ron Mak

Where’s the option for: I’m with Sprint and plan on using my upgrade to get the Pre?


I’m tired of WinMo on T-mo; I’m ready to switch. I have to admit, I’m envious of the more unified device/1st party/3rd party developer/carrier environments of the G1 and the iPhone. I’m tired of using an awkward unsupported device on a carrier that lacks 3G, using apps that, for the most part, don’t fully integrate with the OS, and I’m tired of working so hard customizing my device to get a decent performance out of it. I really believe that a unified experience is just not going to happen if all MS does is offer an O” upon which device mfg’ers and carriers must labor to make user friendly (or even palatable).

Looks like I’ll have to give up some of the fringe features of WinMo that I enjoy (bluetooth keyboard HID, maybe voice command) but I think it’s going to be worth it.

With the Pre I’ll finally be on a user friendly device that has strong synchronization with the web services that I use. I believe the development community will get behind the Pre in a pretty big way (as long as the application catalog and revenue opportunity shows up). Even if it’s a while before a native SDK shows up, I think a move to a new platform is going to be worth it.


switch to sprint? heck no! thats my personal motto from having to work w/them at work and having them for a while.

plus, i’m a GSM carrier fanboy so Tmo will have me for as long as i can get my full iphone data plan for $5.99 (tzones grandfathered in! plus its nice to be able to switch between my iphone and k850i by swapping sims)

T Man

I’m a Verizon man since the beginning, so I can’t see myself switching. Never mind the fact that several people I talk to on a regular basis are Verizon customers. But out of all the phones I’ve seen recently, the Pre is a phone that I would actually consider switching carriers. Add in the generally better data speeds than Verizon and lower cost, I’m a definite maybe.


I switched to Verizon 4 years ago after a bad customer service episode with Sprint and I’ve never looked back. I don’t love Verizon, but they’re the least onerous and 90% of the people I know are on it. I want a more capable phone that’s not annoying to use but I’m not switching carriers to get one.


I recently switched FROM sprint to ATT for the iphone… so no, I’m not going back.

Sprint was my first carrier and of course they come out with a loyalty program not in the 10 years I was with them – but 6 months after I leave -rolleyes-


Kevin the thing hasn’t even hit the FCC yet. In the words of Steve Jobs: you need at least 60 days after it hits the FCC to ship it.

And where are the reports from web logs saying “We’ve had visits from what appear to be Palm Pre’s to our site…”

And no one could actually touch a unit at CES? And when they saw them they were mostly mocked up? And did anyone actually see one make or receive an SMS or phone call? They have no radio stack yet.

My money is on June… If they can keep their developers focused like Apple did. Otherwise at this early in the development cycle this thing could easily slip to Christmas. One good slip up in the design of the baseband to radio interface and that’s santa you hear.

Rick Huizinga

I’m not buying into the rumored March release date for the Pre. I seem to recall reports from CES that the Pre demos were highly controlled, not letting journalists to get their hands on them. Speculation was that much of the demo was canned, and there was still a lot of work remaining to complete the software/firmware.

Additionally, if the release date was in March I think we would have seen leaked FCC documentation on the Pre by now.


I wouldn’t switch to Sprint but I’d consider importing an unlocked GSM version from Europe…

Josh Catone

Where’s the option for no way I love my phone (iPhone), hate my carrier (AT&T), but think Sprint would be worse and would strongly consider switching to the Pre if it were on Verizon?

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