Will You Switch to Sprint for the Palm Pre?

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So word on the street is that the Palm Pre debut is coming soon: possibly as early as Feb. 15th or more likely March 15th. It’s rather timely that I’ve just read a 22-page report from Forrester on how consumers choose their mobile phones, no?

The report shows various segments of consumers, ranging from those who look at value and services to others that focus more on handset choices. I found it staggering that only 5% of those surveyed switch carriers for a specific phone. I would have thought the number far higher simply given the churn of folks that went to AT&T for an iPhone. Even more amazing was the 39% that have remained loyal to their first carrier. As in, they’ve only been with a single cellular carrier from the time they first got a mobile handset. Clearly, Matt Miller with his two dozen handsets wasn’t part of the survey. ;)

So the potential Pre timing coupled with the report and Sprint’s new Premier customer program got me thinking: how many of you in the U.S. are considering a switch to Sprint simply to get a Palm Pre? Our poll is hardly scientific as the readership base tends to be the geek vote (and I mean that as a complement!), but I’m curious. I can’t affort multiple carrier accounts, so I’m even thinking of moving from AT&T to Sprint myself just for the Pre. How about you?

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