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StatShot: Super-Sized Tweets

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We’ve got a ton of TV-related Twitter action this week, and surprise, surprise, Trendrr says the Super Bowl (or “superbowl” for the character-limit conscious) reigned supreme, with everyone tweeting about the exciting game.


Unfortunately, all those bummed Arizona fans threw off Trendrr’s charts a little as their Tweets about how the Cardinals “lost” made it look like people were buzzing about the show Lost at the end of last week. Such are the dangers of tracking commonly named shows.


Elsewhere, the recent Heroes reboot translated into its own super-sized bump above the competition.


Vikings are the name of the game over at TorrentFreak’s Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent list, as James Caviezel leads a band of Norsemen against an alien invasion in Outlander. And perhaps as the final farewell, pirates bid adieu to George Bush by BitTorrenting the film W.

TorrentFreak’s Top Downloaded Movies on BitTorrent As of Feb. 01, 2009
Rank Last Week Title
1 Outlander
2 Sex Drive
3 Changeling
4 1 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
5 7 XIII – The Conspiracy
6 6 RocknRolla
7 Afro Samurai: Resurrection
8 Quarantine
9 W
10 2 Australia

TorrentFreak data is based on http downloads of .torrent files from various BitTorrent sites. The data is collected by TorrentFreak and is for informational and educational reference only. Currently both DVDrips, DVD Screeners and R5 rips are counted. The “back” designation means that the title was in the list before and has reappeared, possibly in a new format.

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