Slacker Isn’t Slacking, Releases App for BlackBerry Storm

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slacker-blackberryRemember that new Slacker mobile application that we caught up with at CES? It was released on both the BlackBerry and iPhone platforms last month, but conspicuously missing was a version for the BlackBerry Storm. Hector just wrote in to tell me that it’s now available, but I’m sans ‘Berry, so I can’t enjoy it.

I double-checked on the Slacker forums (not that I doubted you, Hector!) and sure enough, it’s there. Just point your Storm to to get the free application. Actually, I just envisioned hundreds of new Storm owners physically holding up their handset while facing W-W-West, so let me clarify. Using the browser on your Storm, hit up the Slacker site. ;)

I was originally interested in Slacker because it caches music for offline enjoyment. Sadly, that’s only available on the BlackBerry versions, not the one for my iPhone. Yet another reason that Hector wants me to ditch my first-gen iPhone and get a BlackBerry!

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I really thought this would make you order your new Storm :) well back to the drawing board. Did I mention how nice the cache works and that it gets saved to your memory card. :)

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