Geek Session: Skype 4.0 and the HP Mini 1000 MIE

[wpvideo vdW7eAII w=500]

In lieu of a Mobile Tech Minutes video, we thought we’d mix it up a bit. We haven’t done one of our ten-minute Geek Session chats lately, so today that’s what we’re offering. I decided to take a closer look at Skype 4.0 for Windows on a netbook. I wanted to do that because the new version is expected to be a little less bandwidth intensive. I’m running it on Windows 7 with the MSI Wind and demonstrate it in normal view and with full screen video; we take a quick peek at the resources used as well.

It’s good I called James on Skype today because he just took delivery of a loaner HP Mini 1000 Mobile Internet Edition netbook. That’s the Linux-based netbook from HP that offers a custom, easy-to-use shell. I like to think of it as “Mini Me”. ;) We’ll get some first looks at it now, and James will follow up with more details later.

Two quick notes: Sorry about the bass feedback in the audio; I had to do an impromptu change to my “studio” and my Bose speakers are almost too good for this. Also: if you watch the video in HD mode through full screen, you should be able to read everything on my netbook display.


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