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DTV Delay Almost Official

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[qi:032] The House voted today to approve a four-month delay to the transition from analog to digital television signals, making the new June 12 deadline a near certainty. The Senate approved its own version of the bill last week, and since both bills are in accord, the only thing left is to get the presidential signature. Since President Obama asked for this legislation in the first place, it should be a slam dunk.

The next step will be to pass the stimulus bill, which contains funding for a coupon program designed to offset the cost of buying a digital converter box. From there we just need to find the 6.5 million consumers who aren’t ready, present them with the coupon, frog-march them to a store and make them buy the box. Then we can sit back and wait for our LTE and mobile television. Oh and maybe for Qualcomm (s qcom) to protest.

8 Responses to “DTV Delay Almost Official”

  1. What happened to all the talk about emergency services needing more spectrum? What I’m reading today, for the most part, is that this forced switch to digital TV in order to free up bandwidth has much to do with wireless industries wanting more spectrum to deploy and sell more gadgets and services. Maybe I coud buy one of those gadgets, since I can’t seem to receive local news and commericals from two of my local channels with my DTV converter.

  2. It is so glaringly obvious that our representatives have NO clue what it is like to be dirt poor and struggling. Here folks with very little money probably sacrificed to save their ‘luxury’ tv reception by purchasing a converter box, and now they don’t have to…well at least, not right away.

    It is so glaringly obvious that our representatives have NO clue what it is like to not be able to put food on the table, purchase a few personal hygiene items, and put gas in your car to go to work. If they did, they wouldn’t be quibbling over the stimulus package…just get it OUT there and provide some relief! Every 3 or 4 HOURS that goes by is another mealtime of Ramen noodles…maybe, until relief comes.

    Wake up Congress and really understand the folks you represent!


  3. No one should be forced to do this. Look beyond the hype. This is all about advertisers being able to track our commercial and buying habits. Let them pay for ALL the boxes! It has nothing to do with freeing up fequencies for emergency response. Those frequencies will be parcelled out to big business entities for more gadgets to be created and sold to YOU. Who really wins? I have been fine with analog signals for over 4 decades. I don’t care to upgrade and I can’t afford to upgrade. Analog and antennas are great for my use (and descret). Who needs these $40 HD vouchers from the government, anyway, when they don’t have a job or food to eat? This should be delayed indefinitely! We should be asked about what “We the People” want, firstly!

  4. dan in Tucson

    OMG people, why are we giving this matter any consideration at all. First off, we have been given 2 years to prepare for this, and if you missed out on the coupon it is your own fault. Now lets look at the coupon issue. Why is my tax dollars funding anyone to watch TV. This is not a necessity by any stretch of the imagination. Where in the constitution does it say, “and the right to watch TV”. Put the money toward creating jobs, not for the slacker sitting home watching TV.