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Report: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Talking Merger

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Ticketmaster and Live Nation (NYSE: LYV) are reportedly in merger talks, according to the WSJ. The deal would create a massive music and entertainment events sales entity — one that would likely garner scrutiny from the DOJ. Ticketmaster is already facing a possible Justice Department inquiry related to the botched sales — and subsequent price hikes — of Bruce Springsteen concert tickets, per the Hartford Courant.

Live Nation has served as an alternative to Ticketmaster for some — though the two companies had a sales partnership that expired at the end of 2008. Both companies have also brokered exclusive deals with various artists: Ticketmaster’s ties to headliners like Christina Aguilera and The Eagles stem from its acquisition of artist rep firm Front Line Management, while Live Nation has signed on acts like Madonna and Jay-Z on its own.

One Response to “Report: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Talking Merger”

  1. shawn hales

    Not only has Ticketmaster functioned as an illegal monopoly for years but the only competiton that they have ever had is now in cohoots with a so called merger. I believe that the only way to make a stand is for the artist themselves to refuse their ticket sales to be issued by these monopolizing bastards, and until the bands care the fucking politicians certainly wont. I see at leats 2-3 concerts a week and i am so angry that i am seriously thinking about not seeeing any ticketmaster shows again