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VMware Acknowledges Threats, Releases Open-source Virtualization App

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VMware, which last year watched its stock plummet and replaced its CEO with a seasoned Microsoft executive, faces headwinds from two trends: 1) open-source virtualization offerings; and 2) free virtualization within operating systems. With that in mind, VMware today made its shrewdest possible: launching an open-source client for virtual desktops. Indeed, the VMware View Open Client may help VMware stave off competition from Microsoft, other open-source offerings, and more.

2 Responses to “VMware Acknowledges Threats, Releases Open-source Virtualization App”

  1. Yeah, a free and open client that runs against a proprietary server is hardly a huge play. A much bigger offering recently was VMWare’s ESXi server becoming free (though not open technically speaking) – now any organization can build a complete virtual replica of their every server, switch and network operational environment. This is enormous for provable, real disaster recovery and complex testing.

  2. How does this acknowledge the free offerings when you still have to pay $150-250 per concurrent desktop for VMWare View? The software they’re offering is only the remote client, it doesn’t do any virtualization itself. They’re just making it easier for 3rd parties to manufacture VMWare devices that connect to a centralized “desktop server”, much like Sun did with their Sun Ray several years ago.