Vid-Biz: Super Bowl Ads, KoldCast, quarterlife

Super Bowl Ads Duke It Out Online; Pepsi was the most buzzed about advertiser online, according to Collective Intellect; movie trailer videos went the most viral, according to BayTSP; amateur-made Doritos ad won the Hulu user vote (it also won USA Today’s panel, as we noted yesterday). (AdAge, BayTSP release, Hulu)

KoldCast TV Launches Pilots Channel; idea is to help web series creators attract funding and sponsorship; meanwhile the site also launches four new series of its own. (release)

quarterlife Makers Go Back to TV; Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick will go back to the oldteevee they know to create drama show A Marraige for CBS. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Veoh on iPhone; but portal launches a formatted site, not a dedicated app. (Veoh blog)

News Video Experts Chat; hour-long panel put on by YouTube last month is now online, Andy Plesser says it was interesting, but we haven’t watched yet. (YouTube, Beet.TV)

RockYou Adds Video Ads; startup customizes brand experiences for social networks, now with video. (release)