Thin Toshiba Touchscreen Handset First to Use Qualcomm Snapdragon

Talk about a thing of beauty! For some reason, I can’t take my four eyes off of the TG01 handset from Toshiba that’s making the rounds today. We’ll know more later this month at the Mobile World Congress, but for now, this 9.9mm thin phone looks sweet. It’s Windows Mobile 6.1 underneath, but like the many devices in the HTC Touch line, the interface is customized with slickness. That’s nice to hear because the 4.1-inch WVGA display is begging for a pretty user interface. The question now: Is it resistive or capacitive? I’m hoping for the latter, but sadly guessing the former.

Making this more interesting to me personally is the 1.0GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU on the inside. I gather this phone has more pep than other WinMo device on the market today. T3 says you can shake the phone to answer or disconnect phone calls, so clearly there’s an accelerometer or similar technology inside. That joins the GPS, HSDPA connectivity and microSD slot in terms of details. We’ll have to wait a few weeks for more info; I’m hoping this isn’t an EU-only release, but my suspicion is that we won’t see this in the U.S. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.


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