T-Mobile G1 update rolling out now


t-mobile-g1T-Mobile has let it slip that the next firmware update for the G1 Android phone will roll out starting on Feb. 5 but an employee says the updates have already started.  The updates on the G1 are over-the-air (OTA) and will be pushed to G1s over a two week period.  This update is not the long-rumored cupcake update but has some good improvements for the G1 that owners will want to grab.  The most significant feature added by the RC33 update will be Google Voice Search which is already a great tool for the iPhone so owners will want to make sure they update.

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lil marley

All I really want his flash player got update bout two day ago since my phone is crapy it forces close all the time and I cannot stream videos no more this thing was better when it first came out three updates later nothing change but the camera skin. Oooooo magic.


Same here…. ridiculous! update came and so did the FORCE CLOSEs… FIX ASAP! NOT COOL! and very annoying!


I got the update earlier today around 2 and it was sweet and stuff, but now its really slow and all my contacts are gone. I try to import them back and it keeps force closing. Whats going on?


Got the g1 update earlier, its putmy phone slow to the max! Isn’t an upgrade suppose to make it better! I’m telling people out there I have a love/hate relationship with this phone! When you search in the google box and press enter it force closes on openHome! And did I mention its slower!


Got the update eariler today…tells u WHY ur battery is low and the google search box is different and the market app so far is different. Other than that I dunno any other changes


Got the new update but I can’t view my pics and my videos and also. My camcorder is not working. And please fix ASAP and fix the google talk it keeps signing me out and it deletes my converstaions so fix it asap. Thank u.


i got the update and its makin my phone run bad wont let me into any of my apps my music or photo gallery. it has bugs the need work out ASAP

Doc Wylee

Its made the market app look different so far that I’ve noticed so far.


Just received a update, but have no clue on what it’s for. There is nothing noticably different. What is this update and what does ths make the phone do diff?


i got the update idk wth its for i dont see ne thing diffrent


do i need to activate the G1 again after the update, i am not using t mobile

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