Sprint Rewarding Loyalty with Perks and Early Upgrades


Image 1 for post Sprint lowers phone-as-modem tethering cost( 2008-08-22 14:09:21) While many consumers not using Sprint (s S) today are drooling over the upcoming Palm Pre, the carrier hasn’t forgotten its current customers. Sprint is launching a loyalty program called Sprint Premier. Benefits include:

  • Early upgrades after fullfilling just one year of a contract. You’ll get the new customer or fully subsidized price on a handset upgrade, but your contract will extend for two more years from that point.
  • “Just because perks” that will vary in terms of when and what they are. Expect items like tickets to sporting events, shows and the like.
  • Free ring tones or extra plan minutes on your account anniversary. Apparently, there isn’t a Hallmark card for every special occasion.
  • First chances for info on new phones and to purchase them.
  • Accessory discounts on your anniversary. See note about greeting cards above.
  • Courtesy plan checks after six months to make sure you have the right plan for your needs.

Sprint needs to do something to maintain their position as one of the “big four” here in the U.S. Between a hot new handset like the Palm Pre and customer service perks, these are definitely steps in the right direction. You’ll want to check the Sprint Premier site for qualifications and eligibility. They’re not too strict as you can be considered a loyal customer with as little as three months history with Sprint.



“Early upgrades after fullfilling just one year of a contract.”

I remember when contracts were JUST ONE YEAR. ;)


Interesting. Too bad I’m not eligible for this for another nine and a half years. Oh well; I guess I’ll just have to make do with my grandfathered SERO (aka, please please pleeeeeease sign up with Sprint!) plan.


Great… now let’s hope they release that shiny new Toshiba phone so that I can upgrade early! :)

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