Open Thread – Managing Multiple Google Accounts

Google AccountsMany of us here at WebWorkerDaily seem to have a love-hate relationship with Google and its products. While we love the conveniences and features that allow us to be so productive, we also lament lost opportunities and frustrating limitations.

For example, while Judi laments on the languishing Grand Central, I am sharing some of My New Favorite Gmail Features.

My current frustration is trying to manage multiple Google accounts and resources. I maintain a personal Gmail account along with a few domain accounts and I am finding it increasingly difficult and frustrating to manage them all.

I’ve found that I can consolidate all the email into a single inbox, which is nice, but there are tradeoffs. Event invitations I receive to my business email still show up on my personal calendar, documents aren’t universally available across accounts, and I would love to have the ability to be logged in to multiple gtalk accounts simultaneously.

I’d really like to take full advantage of the services offered by all of my Google and Google Domain accounts more seamlessly. I can already create a Google Profile, what would be outstanding is if I could link all of my Google accounts to it and get to everything in one place.

Am I missing something obvious?  I can’t be the only one struggling with this!

How do you manage your multiple Google accounts? Share your tips in the comments.

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